AWWWWW! A new seven minute single from SYnthetiX12 (previously known as Shock-Shatter), made in MusicShake. This time I can guarantee we'll hear more from him around Christmas, as well as 586rick, Gareth Coleman, and even me!

Click here to download the single!

   Welp, it's good to be back, this time with an LP. A great, 9-track LP. Shock-Shatter, also known as SYnthetiX12 brings us his first LP here. Expect to hear more from him around Christmas time. It went through development hell. Lots of it. First off, it was originally called "Lifeless" and was a 5 track EP. Glad it turned out this way, huh? It's already on Last.fm! Pick it up now!
Click here to download the  LP!


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    November 2012